Mindlit Media invents imaginative creations for all of your web, design and video needs – from websites to logo designs to web advertisements, custom website headers and other web graphics and buttons, print-job designs, print-ads (b&w and color), menus (full color to take-home flier), newsletters, business cards, audio comercials (for radio and net) web video commercials (featuring our signature stop-animation commericals) and more.

Mindlit Media also supports the preservation of New England history by filming its beautiful locations as well as maintaining a constant effort to find historical items, from documents to photographs to moving images and making them digital and available for organized and free online viewing.

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A Message from Mindlit founder, Jay Harper

The images and video footage of today will in the future remain as part of the story of our time here – I always consider my work against the clear terms of that fact from deciding which project to take next to ‘Save as’/completion  – each detail a strategized concern worthy of my best efforts.

Jay will work with you personally to get you the designs you need!