paying atrendtionA website brings your business to your customer’s home or mobile device – as fast as they can type it or find it in a search engine. It is the online representation of your business, event, non-profit or product with all the details you wish to include.

A short list: Images, restaurant menus, hours of operation, pricing, contact info, customer service polls, directions & maps to your location(s), upcoming events and sales, scheduled closings, off-season messages to next season’s prospective clientele, a home base for your social networking fan page or twitter account with feeds built into your site which allow for instantaneous announcements and messages to appear. 

An easy to navigate, fully-functional and well-maintained website along with a healthy dose of Social Network activity is perhaps the most resourceful way to stretch your longterm marketing dollar as well as your short term promotional spending as far as what a permanant (and maintained) website can attract to your business versus spending money on an ad in the yellow pages or printing fliers or sending mail-outs.

Contact Mindlit today and tell us what your business needs for a website – we’ll work with you to get you the website you need.

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